Day 7 of Thy Kingdom Come

You have a huge project to complete; you’re facing a deadline; you could use some help, but you won’t ask for it. Why is that? Our stubbornness and pride can be our biggest enemies.
Who likes admitting they haven’t got what it takes? It’s ludicrous, but we live with the lie that strength is found in having it all together.
God invites us to see the world the other way around. To admit you’re weak is to be strong. To come clean that you’re broken is actually to be whole. To ask for help shows how together you really are.
Jesus is here. Right by your side to help you. Put down your stubbornness and pride, and let him.

Today: watch for ways you can help others. Ask for and accept help when you need it.

Watch and listen to a song written especially for Thy Kingdom Come

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