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Published twice a year in print and online, this spiritual formation magazine explores in-depth topics that affect today’s Christians. Most articles include questions for personal or group reflection.

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The Way of Reconciliation (Fall/Winter 2016)
The Fall/Winter 2016 issue explores the need for reconciliation within ourselves and within our relationships.



Grace: How Shall We Respond? (Spring/Summer 2016)
In this issue of Reflections our writers reflect on their own experiences of recognizing God’s grace. Sometimes that’s in suffering, sometimes in the visit of a determined dog, sometimes when Easter eggs produce more than chocolate candy.



The Practice of Everyday Contemplation (Fall/Winter 2015)
The contemplative life is one of awareness. It is focusing on the thing that is in front of us right now. It is listening to the sounds we hear, seeing what our eyes reveal, feeling what our bodies are feeling. It is being where we are right now, not where we were yesterday or might be tomorrow.



Abundant Life (Spring/Summer 2015)
Some say that God gives us trials and tribulations to make us stronger. I think that God takes the stories that life gives us and shows us how to use them to become stronger.




fall 2014 vocation for web coverA Serious Call to Christian Vocation (Fall/Winter 2014)
Such is the nature of vocation; we are called, we are given gifts, we are set in a particular place at a particular time, to serve God’s people (that would be all people).



spring summer 2014 cover for webSpiritual Practices – Living the Gift (Spring/Summer 2014)
Spiritual practices are ways we become awake and stay awake to God.




fall winter 2013 cover for blogWhat we can still learn from the saints (Fall/Winter 2013)
As St. Paul looks at it, the saints are everyone who’s been baptized, the entire membership of the Christian community.




spring summer 2013 coverThe Holy Spirit (Spring/Summer 2013)
Then the priest lifted Casey from the chair, set him on the floor, and off Casey ran, barefoot, toward his parents. “Mommy,” he shouted, “I got my feet washed. Just like Jesus.”




cover as of 10The Kingdom of God (Fall/Winter 2012)
If Christ had been there – and I, personally, think he was – he would have said something like, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst.”




reflections sp summer cover onlyTeach us to Pray (Spring/Summer 2012)
As the sun moves across the earth, someone is always approaching his prayer bench and someone is always ending his prayers. Like a river that circles the world, we dip into this stream as we open our prayer books and as we close them.



cover fall winter 2011Breaking Away (Fall/Winter 2011)
How often in life do we limp along, recognizing that we are running out of energy and subsisting on daily jump-starts?





full cover graphic-spring2011Sacred Spaces (Spring/Summer 2011)
Once my experience of holy had been confined to a particular place and particular people – but in fact it had really been the launching pad for a spiritual journey that has taken turns I could never have seen.