Prepare the Way – Advent 2016

It is the season of Advent.  And we wait. We wait for the Christ to come and fill the empty places in our lives, in our relationships, in our hearts.

The prophet Isaiah knew the Christ was coming and tried to tell God’s people. Mostly they did not listen.

Will we?

During Advent 2016, Bishop Gary Lillibridge will guide our four-week, online study, looking at the context in which Isaiah spoke during his time and seeing how his words apply to our lives today.

The material includes:

● Lessons posted on the four Sundays in Advent  in text and audio format.

● Links to other offerings available across the diocese and the Episcopal Church.

● Links to daily and Sunday scripture readings.

● A short, daily Advent message sent by text to subscribers  (requires separate sign-up. To receive it, send an email with your name and cell phone number to or text the word ADVENT to 43506.)

To receive the material in your e-mail inbox each week, go to the subscribe box in the right column.

Starts November 27

Click the title to go to the weekly study



Week 1 – Swords and Plowshares



Week 2 – A New Shoot



Empty straight long asphalt road. Dramatic cloudy sky. Concepts


Week 3 – A Highway of Holiness


Week 4 – Be peacemakers

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