Following Jesus: Invitation to Discipleship (Lent 2014)

hikig boots follower webThis study was launched for Lent 2014 but is appropriate any time of the year.  It is an eight-week program that focuses on a different aspect of Christian discipleship each week.

The topics are modeled upon Christ and his teachings and include: follower, worshiper, witness, neighbor, forgiver/healer, prophet, and steward (the topics are derived from the book Introducing the Practice of Ministry by Kathleen Cahalan, Professor of Pastoral Theology at St. John’s University).

For six days each week (Monday through Saturday), a short reading of scripture addresses a particular aspect of discipleship, followed by a brief commentary on the reading, reflection questions, and a prayer.

Each week’s study also includes a short, recorded interview with a person who models the aspect of discipleship being studied that week.

Find Following Jesus: Invitation to Discipleship by clicking here. Note: this link will take you to a different website and will open in a new tab. 


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