Who We Are

Welcome. This site is part of the ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, a collection of Christians making our way in 88 congregations spread over 60 counties in South Central Texas.

We offer this site as an opportunity for spiritual growth that will deepen your  relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Our expression of Christianity is based on the traditions that have been handed down through the Episcopal faith, but we  welcome connections with other expressions of the Christians faith.

We have designed the site  with individuals, small groups, and congregations in mind. Most of the material is presented with suggestions for further reflection, as we believe experience of the Risen Christ is the best path to knowing and living God’s Kingdom.

To learn about our mission and ministry, visit the diocesan website at www.dwtx.org.

We welcome your participation and your feedback.

May God bless you this day and every day.

Contact us:
Marjorie George marjorie.george@dwtx.org
The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas
P O box 6885 (mail)
111 Torcido (geographical)
San Antonio TX 78209
210 or 888 824.5387

www.dwtx.org (main website)

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