God Claims Us All – Epiphany 2016, week 1

January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany, traditionally a celebration of the visit of the Magi to the Christ child. (Read the story here.)

We connect with this season of God’s revelation to all people with a five-week study titled God Claims Us All. Starting January 6 and continuing until just before Lent, we explore exactly what is God’s call to each of us. What gifts has God bestowed on us, and how shall we use them to further God’s kingdom and live as God intended?

Our study includes daily reflections from the Rev. Drs. John Lewis and Jane Patterson in written and audio format Monday through Friday. Each Sunday we will post an introduction to the week along with an interview with someone from around the diocese reflecting on life at its most fulfilling.

For this week, we offer reflections Wednesday through Friday plus an introduction to Epiphany. Find this week’s study here

2 thoughts on “God Claims Us All – Epiphany 2016, week 1”

  1. In past DWTX studies I have participated in, there has been very little internet conversation. I hope that changes this year, as I don’t have a small group to share my thoughts with. I wanted to comment on the January 8 reflection: Simeon’s insights about the global nature of Jesus’s coming are a result of his being “steeped in the scriptural traditions of Israel.” It seems that nowadays, those who should be, or claim to be, steeped in their respective spiritual traditions are the ones who tend be preach the most exclusivity rather than the other way around. This is disheartening, but probably also a reflection of human nature. Was Simeon really just so knowledgeable about Scripture, or was he also special in that he had an open mind & heart to interpret what he read?


    1. Thanks for starting the conversation. In addition to being steeped in Scripture and spiritual traditions, I think Simeon also listened intently to the Holy Spirit and believed what he heard. Yes, he had an open mind and heart, and I think he expected to hear from God. How often do we expect to be disappointed rather than expect to learn that God will lead us by the right path? – Marjorie


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