Their Eyes Were Opened – Easter 2016

A study for the Easter Season, beginning April 3, 2016.

Even as we face into Holy Week and that journey that Christ must take — and we must take with him — we remember that Good Friday is not the end of anything. Rather, it points us to Easter Day, which is the beginning of something that we humans could never have imagined.

We invite you to plan now to continue to engage the glory of Easter Day throughout the Easter Season, that time between the day of resurrection and the day of Pentecost, as together we consider a new framework for our lives.

Using resurrection stories from the Gospel of Luke, during the Easter Season we will walk with the first disciples as they encounter the risen Christ in the breaking of bread, sharing a meal, and walking and talking with them. We will reflect on how Christ continues to reveal himself to us today and how we can live as resurrected people.

The seven-week Easter Season study will offer weekly lessons and will be useful for congregations, small groups, and individuals. It begins April 3.

We will begin posting for this study on March 28. To receive posts in your email inbox, subscribe to this website at the bottom right of the home page, or in the upper right column from inside pages. If you received this post in your email, you are already subscribed. If you wish to unsubscribe or if you have questions, email

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