The Way of Love for Lent, Apr 5


Create a prayer representimg how you seek to serve God and follow Jesus. Matt. 5:15. 

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These daily devotions taken from Living the Way of Love by Mary Bea Sullivan, available from Used with permission.

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  1. Here is a prayer I created for our newcomers’ dinner on Sunday for St. John’s new community of faith in New Braunfels. As people gather among the wild bluebonnets, thistles, cactus, and oak trees we will venture back to a form of Celtic-style praying that originated with St. Patrick.

    “Blessed are you, oh merciful Christ, whose death brings us Divine Love.
    We see with new eyes, your eyes, that Life is never ending.
    We walk with new feet, your feet, along old roads that turn new.
    We touch with new hands, your hands, abundant flowers springing from silent soil.
    We hear with new ears, your ears, birds singing your gifts for the poor, hungry, and enslaved.
    We speak with a new tongue, your tongue, of resilience beckoning us to release all loss, sorrow, hate, and fear.
    We stand with your stance, in a new community of faith, which is emerging with your ministry.
    Finally, We live in newness, your eternal newness, by serving Divine Love daily through you, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

    • Lovely. So grateful to be reminded of the glory of God’s creation.

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