A Good Choice

Bishop David Reed confesses that when he was choosing a diocesan theme for 2020, he was not thinking sweet thoughts. “I was growing increasingly troubled by the incivility, the anger and the divisiveness in American life,” he says, “and I wanted a theme that would call us to look higher and more deeply for the truth and beauty that’s all around us. I wanted to recall us to our higher calling as Jesus’ followers.”

The theme was announced at diocesan council in February, just weeks before a heretofore unknown virus overran our lives. But as 2020 unfolded, the bishop found that the durability of this gentle theme has been amazing. “For me, its effect has been almost like a church bell, calling us to stop and turn our attention to the Lord and giver of life. To see with the eyes of our hearts enlightened helps us find our way through the relentless noise and clutter, living with hope and trusting that the Spirit is leading us to a new day.”

Bishop Reed’s comments kick off the DWTX fall 2020 study on the theme for this year – “With the eyes of your heart enlightened” from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (1:18).

Read the bishop’s reflections on the 2020 theme and listen to an audio interview with him here. Each week for the next six weeks, another person from around the diocese will offer thoughts on the theme. Go here for the schedule.

We hope you enjoy this study and encourage you to leave comments.

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