Welcome to the Adult Christian Formation pages of The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.  This blogsite is the home of our Christian formation offerings for adults.

We seek to provide opportunities for spiritual growth that deepen our connections with God through Jesus Christ, relying on the traditions that have been handed down through the Episcopal faith. But we welcome other expressions of the  Christians faith as well.

See the navigation tabs at the top of all main pages or visit our Home Page to learn about all of our Adult Christian Formation offerings.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, contact editor Marjorie George at marjorie.george@dwtx.org.

2 Comments on “Welcome

  1. In reflection and writing my “prayers for the people” today, I immediately think of my time in the Holy Land last month. The efforts of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities to live and share this important holy place for all is so difficult and complicated. One day comes to mind when our group was at the Dome of the Rock entering as a Christian group. Muslim women were in different groups praying. After us, a group of young Jewish men crossed the bridge singing as they entered the grounds. This group had armed soldiers accompanying them. An immediate tension was felt and the Muslim women began chanting loudly God is great!
    My heart aches for all those in Israel attempting to worship on Holy ground in peace with each other. I’m particularly in prayer for the Christians there whose numbers have reduced dramatically. Only our Father knows the path to peace for this historically tense part of the world, as only He can bring the “peace which passes all understanding” to the Holy Land


    • Yes, and I recall that all over the world someone somewhere is at prayer every minute of every day. We add our prayers to those of the whole world that God’s peace will come. I am tempted to despair for our old world until I remember that. Thank you for this lovely comment. – Marjorie


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