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The Gospel Where they Live

In the third podcast of our five-part series on the book of Acts, Bishop David Reed talks to Dr. Marthe Curry, Director of the Department of World Mission for the Diocese of West Texas. As the apostles did in Acts,…

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Wind and Fire

How does everyone explain a life-changing event? We say, “It was like this . . .” For Luke, the author of Acts, the day of Pentecost was like a rushing  wind and flames of fire. But not just for a…

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Gathered, Fed, Sent

In the first of five teaching podcasts on the book of Acts, Bishop David Reed links the narrative of Acts to the liturgical life of the church. “Just as we do now, the Church in Acts is gathered, and continues…

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The Missionary Trail

On a late-December day in 1874, a young, handsome Episcopal clergyman arrived by train at the small town of Luling, Texas.  He had been traveling for 20 days from Atlanta and had reached end-of-the-track of the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San…

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The Invitation of Acts

Perhaps more than any other book of the Bible, The Acts of the Apostles reaches across the centuries and says this is what it means to be the Church, and this is our part in it. Emboldened by Christ’s resurrection…

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