For Use by Congregations and Small Groups

This study is suitable for use by individuals as well as congregations and small groups.  Ideally, participants will engage the study daily then come together on Sunday or another day of the week to discuss their experiences of the practices. The attached Guide for Congregations and Small Groups lays out the study week by week.

In addition, each week of the study has been paired with Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline and its accompanying workbook. This work was done by Col. Rick Roessler of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio TX.

The basic structure of the study is this:

Ash Wednesday and the two days following will reflect on the temptations of Christ in the desert from Luke 4:1-13.

– The next five weeks will concentrate on learning about and engaging five spiritual practices each week:

  • prayer on Mondays,
  • repentance on Tuesdays,
  • love of neighbor on Wednesdays,
  • connecting with the saints on Thursdays,
  • and fasting and simplicity on Fridays.

Each week will also open with a biblical reflection on one of the practices.

– The last week will offer reflections on each of the days of Holy Week

If you have questions, contact Marjorie George at





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