March 8-13


Sunday, Mar 8
Read a reflection by the Rev. Dr. John Lewis on Loving Our Neighbor
Sunday, Mar 8 – Practicing the Love of Neighbor

or listen, below.

Monday, Mar 9

Read a reflection by Marjorie George on Prayer
Monday, Mar 9 – Fixed-Hour Prayer

or listen, below.

Tuesday, Mar 10

Read a reflection by the Rev. Paul Frey on Repentance
Tuesday, Mar 10 – Vices and Virtues

or listen, below.

Wednesday, Mar 11
Read a reflection by the Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson on Love of Neighbor
Wednesday, Mar 11 – You are the Equipment

or listen, below.

Thursday, Mar 12
Read a reflection by Sylvia Maddox on Connecting with the Saints
Thursday, Mar 12 – The Hospitality of Love, Dorothy Day

or listen, below.

Friday, Mar 13
Read a reflection by the Rev. Mike Marsh on Fasting and Simplicity with the Desert Fathers and Mothers
Friday, Mar 13 – Is It Yours

or listen, below.

4 Comments on “March 8-13

  1. Thanks to all of you for the meditations these past few weeks. And thanks for Jennifer’s Wednesday March 11th reminder: “You are the equipment.”

  2. Thank for these wonderful thoughtful thought provoking pages/

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