Seek First the Kingdom – the Gospel of Matthew

Sunset On The Mountain Top

Seek First the Kingdom

Introduction to the Study

This Bible study is planned for the period of Ash Wednesday through Easter Week, though it could be used any time as an eight-week series. The study is appropriate for a congregation, for a small group study, or for an individual.

One of the main purposes of the Gospel of Matthew is to serve as a guide for Christians in living fearlessly into the ways of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew’s characteristic way of speaking of the Kingdom of God) is the vision that anchors this teaching.


Links to weekly session

Women traveler with backpack checks map to find directions in wilderness area

Ash Wed- session 1
(click the title) Introduction and early part of the Gospel



1st Sun in Lent – Session 2
(click the title) Cultivating desire for the Kingdom: The Lord’s Prayer



2nd Sun in Lent – Session 3
(Click the title) Clues to what Kingdom living looks like



3rd Sun in Lent – Session 4
(Click the title) Reversing the values of the world



4th Sun in Lent – Session 5
(Click the title) The Kingdom and Discernment



5th Sun in Lent – Session 6
(Click the title) Living as a Kingdom Community




Palm Sunday – Session 7
(Click the title) Living as a Kingdom Nation



The Monday after Easter Day – Session 8
(Click the title) Entrusted with the Proclamation in Word and Deed

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