Seek First the Kingdom – Session 1

Ash Wednesday, March 1
The Kingdom of heaven
as God’s blueprint
for the creation as it should be.


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read the lesson and questions for reflection.

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Lenten Practices

Praying the Hours

Praying the Hours, also called The Divine Hours or Fixed-Hour Prayer, is an ancient practice that calls us to stop several times a day, turn our attention to God, and invite God into our everyday, ordinary lives. It is common today to focus on four prayer times: morning, noon, late afternoon or early evening, and bedtime. All four of these times have liturgies in The Book of Common Prayer (online at Morning Prayer pg 75, Noonday Prayer pg 103, Evening Prayer pg 115, and Compline pg 127), but you may use whatever prayers resonate with you. It might be as as simple as saying grace at three meal times then reading Compline before bed. The point is to take time to pray intentionally four times a day.

One of the best resources about Praying the Hours is Phyllis Tickle’s book The Divine Hours. It is discussed in depth on the ExploreFaith website (

We invite you to join us this Lent in adopting the practice of Praying the Hours. Links below are to daily prayer resources at the Mission St. Clare website.


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