Seek First the Kingdom – Session 2

First Sunday in Lent, March 5

Cultivating desire for the Kingdom:
The Lord’s Prayer


Read the lesson and questions for reflection for the first Sunday in Lent by the Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson

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Listen to the lesson and questions for reflection by the Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson

icon-watchWatch. When have you encountered the Kingdom of God recently? Jennifer Wickham thinks of a child in Haiti.

Jennifer Wickham is Development Coordinator for Saint Vincent Centre for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  She is a member of All Saints Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi.“>http://


Lenten Practices

This week (choose one or more practices for the week)

  1. Read more about the Jewish concept of the Jubilee Year
  2. In this lesson, Jane Patterson says “The Lord’s Prayer calls for us to acknowledge that we are all debtors, and that we are also people who hold the power to forgive others their debts, both material and relational.” Whom or what will you intentionally forgive this week?
  3. Join others in “praying the hours” this week (see explanation here)

Links below are to daily prayer resources at the Mission St. Clare website.


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