11 days of global prayer

Join Christians around the world May 25 to June 4, 2017 (Ascension to Pentecost) to pray that all people come to know Jesus Christ.

Watch the invitation to pray (below) from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Then visit the Thy Kingdom Come website for resources, ideas, suggestions, and an opportunity to pledge to pray.


Throughout the 11-day period, the diocesan communications team will post daily meditations and resources on the diocesan Facebook page – www.facebook.com/DioceseWestTX – and on this site.

As a first step in praying for others, invite them to subscribe to this site at http://www.christianformation-dwtx.org (at the bottom of the home page) to receive the daily meditations in their e-mail inbox.

You can deepen your participation with Thy Kingdom Come by offering the following 11 prayers from May 25 to June 4. There is an open invitation to respond on social media to “Pray It – Picture It – Post It” on the Thy Kingdom Come website prayer wall.

Use #Pledge2Pray and a hashtag for the prayer of the day (listed below). Make sure there is a space between the tags, for example: #Pledge2Pray #ToJesus

Visit: www.instagram.com/Pledge2Pray

Visit: www.twitter.com/thykingdom_come

Visit: www.facebook.com/ThyKingdomComeUK

  • 25 May #ToJesus
  • 26 May #Praise
  • 27 May #Thanks
  • 28 May #Sorry
  • 29 May #Offer
  • 30 May #PrayFor
  • 31 May #Help
  • 1 June #Adore
  • 2 June #Celebrate
  • 3 June #Silence
  • 4 June #ThyKingdomCome

If you have questions or comments, email laura.shaver@dwtx.org or marjorie.george@dwtx.org



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