The Way of Love – Bless

BLESS: Share faith and unselfishly give and serve

“Freely you have received; freely give.” – Matthew 10:8

Celebrant: Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ? People: We will, with God’s help. – Book of Common Prayer, 305

Jesus called his disciples to give, forgive, teach, and heal in his name. We are empowered by the Spirit to bless everyone we meet, practicing generosity and compassion and proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ with hopeful words and selfless actions. We can share our stories of blessing and invite others to the Way of Love.

For Reflection and Discernment
  • What are the ways the Spirit is calling you to bless others?
  • How will (or does) blessing others – through sharing your resources, faith, and story – become part ofyour daily life?
  • Who will join you in committing to the practice of blessing others?


Additional resources for Bless

The Dream of God: A Call to Return – Verna J. Dozier
Again and again the Christian church has fallen away from the dream God has for it, a dream in which we are called to follow Jesus and not merely to worship him.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Unabashedly Episcopalian: Proclaiming the Good News of the Episcopal Church – C. Andrew Doyle
Rooted in the Baptismal Covenant, this book calls Episcopalians to wake  to the church’s unique gifts and story, and equips them to share that witness.
Age: All

Orgullosamente Episcopal – C. Andrew Doyle
(see English annotation)
Age: All

Your Untold Story: Tales of a Child of God – Jake Owensby
Owensby invites readers to re-imagine Jesus as friend and lover and to hear and tell how Jesus would express their story and the stories of others.
Age: All

Speaking Our Faith, including Leader Guide – Kit Carlson
A winsome and practical guide to sharing our faith.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Invite Welcome Connect: Stories and Tools to Transform Your Church – Mary Parmer
Invite Welcome Connect equips and empowers individuals and congregations to practice evangelism, hospitality, and connectedness. Deep truths and practical steps to assess your faith community.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Pilgrim: Church and Kingdom – Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, Paula Gooder, Robert Atwell, and Sharon Ely Pearson
What does it mean to live as a child of the kingdom of God and follow in the way of Christ each day as a member of his church? How does it affect what we do with the gifts we have been given, especially those gifts of time and talents, passions, resources, and money?
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Episcopal Asset Map
Explore the ministries of thousands of churches, dioceses and communities, and discover how Episcopalians are serving and blessing within and beyond our walls.
Age: ALL

Evangelism Matters 2.0 – The Episcopal Church’s Evangelism Team and Forward Movement
Evangelism Matters gathers Episcopalians passionate or curious about evangelism. This archive features panels and talks – including from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry – plus memorable workshops and resources, and vibrant worship.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Laundry Love 
Laundry Love is a neighboring movement that partners with groups, schools and local laundromats to care for low-income families and individuals.
Age: Youth / Young Adult / Adult

Food and Faith initiatives
The Episcopal Church emphasizes anti-hunger efforts at all levels. Congregations everywhere operate food pantries and meal ministries to assist the needy, one canned good or bowl of soup at a time.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

The Rule of the Society of St. John the Evangelist
Chapters 2, 4, 5 reckon honestly and faithfully with life in community. Chapters 42, 43, 34 focus on friendship and hospitality.



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