The Way of Love – Worship

WORSHIP: Gather in community weekly to thank, praise, and dwell with God.


When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. – Luke 24:30-31

Celebrant: Lift up your hearts.
People: We lift them to the Lord. – Book of Common Prayer, 361

When we worship, we gather with others before God. We hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, give thanks, confess, and offer the brokenness of the world to God. As we break bread, our eyes are opened to the presence of Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are made one body, the body of Christ sent forth to live the Way of Love.

For Reflection and Discernment
  • What communal worship practices move you to encounter God and knit you into the body of Christ?
  • How will (or do) you commit to regularly worship?
  • With whom will you share the commitment to worship this week?
Additional resources for practicing worship

Episcopal Find-a-Church
The official Episcopal church finder offers info on the locations, ministries and mission of more than 7,000 congregations.
Age: ALL

The Book of Common Prayer
Age: ALL

PIlgrim: The Eucharist –  Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, Paula Gooder, Robert Atwell, and Sharon Ely Pearson
How do Christians know and worship God? Six sessions on the pattern and importance of Eucharist and sacraments.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Gathered for God – Dent Davidson & Jeff Lee
What’s really going on when Episcopalians gather for worship? A lively conversation about the rituals that make faith real—gathering, bathing, welcoming, storytelling, feasting, and sending God’s people. End of chapter questions make it useful for group study.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices – Scott Gunn & Melody Shobe
Walk through the liturgical year, the sacraments of the church, habits of daily prayer, and the teachings of Anglican Christianity. Companion to the Practicing Our Faith curriculum, part of the Living Discipleship series.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to a Spiritual Life – Derek Olsen
Explores liturgical spirituality and how the prayer book contains Christian wisdom and spiritual practice stretching back to the beginnings of the Christian movement. Focuses on three key elements—the Calendar, the Daily Office, and the Eucharist.
Age: Adult

Mission St. Claire Daily Office
A site to practice the Daily Office throughout the day.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

¿Qué cantamos el próximo domingo? – Sandra Montes
Sandra Montes habla sobre la importancia de cantar canciones favoritas durante el culto y la importancia de aprender otras nuevas.
Age: Young Adult / Adult

On Bodies, The Eucharist, and Skydiving – Broderick Greer
In this short article, Broderick Greer asks us to “remember that God made you as a subject of love, not as an object of commercialization.”
Age: Adult

Talking God: Preaching to Contemporary Congregations – Albert R. Cutié
Examine the challenges digital communications pose to all involved in the craft of preaching.
Age: Adult

The Rule of the Society of St. John the Evangelist
Note that chapters 16-18 and 28 are especially useful for enriching worship life.
Age: Adult



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