Thy Kingdom Come resources



During Thy Kingdom Come, we pray from Ascension Day (May 30) to Pentecost (June 9) that others will come know to Jesus Christ



Resources for individuals and congregations:

Now available – the updated app for 2019 with video messages from theologian Tom Wright, prayer guides around the daily theme, and scripture readings. Find it on the App Store.

Prayer Guide created by the Rev. Jan Dantone, rector of Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville TX, especially for the Diocese of West Texas. Pray for your 5 people using morning, noon, early evening, and close of day prayers with short scripture readings and prayers.
Download the PDF:
Prayer Guide for DWTX rev 1


Prayer Journal with daily themes. Each day includes scripture, thoughts, and prayers for your five people.
Download the PDF:
Prayer Journal 2019.


Nine-day Novena with images for contemplation and reflection. Encourages prayerful looking, waiting, reading, listening, and responding.
Download the PDF:
Novena 2019.


Common Worship booklet for morning, day, evening, and night. Follows a Book of Common Prayer format with a schedule of lectionary psalms and readings for each day.
Download the PDF:
Common Worship booklet


Learn about Thy Kingdom Come and find many more resources at

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