Practicing Lent Week 4

wk 4 graphicClick here to read or listen to daily reflections for this week.


This week’s reflections begin with the Rev. Dr. John Lewis recalling a time he traveled to Sudan to teach. There he witnessed the true meaning of love of neighbor. The house he stayed in had dirt floors, no running water, and no sewage system. “Healthy produce was virtually nonexistent,” says Lewis, “and there was almost never any meat of any kind on the table.”

These Sudanese Christians faced ethnic, religious, and tribal conflict daily, yet they gladly shared what little they had with their American guests with a generosity grounded in faith and joy.

This week we consider the practice of fixed-hour prayer on Monday, when we stop four times a day to offer prayer.

On Tuesday, the Rev. Paul Frey reminds us that both vices and virtues start with the little things.

You are the equipment, the Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson reminds us on Wednesday, just as were the 70 Jesus sent out to proclaim the good news.

On Thursday, we meet Dorothy Day, who used her gifts to make people aware of injustice, poverty, and strife.

And on Friday, the Rev. Mike Marsh tells about a disciple of Abba Agathon who saw a pea and the ground and asked if he could pick it up. Read or listen to how the Abba’s reply still speaks to us today.

Click here to read or listen to daily reflections for this week. Or see March 8-13 in the menu on the right.


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