Practicing Lent Week 5

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Christian cross on wheat ears - religious concept

In her reflection for the fourth Sunday of Lent, March 15, the Rev. Dr. Jane Lancaster asks what is important about doing spiritual practices. “Is the importance in the practice itself, or in our motivation and intentions in carrying out a practice?” Jane asks.

This week, read what Matthew’s gospel has to say about the practice of fasting and simplicity in Jane’s reflection.

On Monday this week, Marjorie George introduces us to the practice of “flash prayers” – brief, on-the-spot prayer for others done throughout the day.

On Tuesday, Paul Frey speculates on Jesus as a loser, and wonders if we are willing to give up “winning” in the world’s view in order to be like Jesus.

Pray for the city, says Jennifer Brooke-Davidson on Wednesday. Find out the names of the mayor and council members of your city and pray for them by name.

Desmond Tutu is the subject of Thursday’s reflection by Sylvia Maddox. Tutu was convinced that there can be no reconciliation without truth.

And on Friday, Mike Marsh calls us to detach from both the scorn and the praise of others as we grow into the persons Christ intends for us to become.

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2 thoughts on “Practicing Lent Week 5”

  1. Marjorie, Thank you for this wonderful series. All are enriching my Lent. I especially like your meditation this am on The Jesus Prayer. I am relatively new to the Episcopal faith and I am not familiar with this book. Thank you! Bobbie Jean


    1. We are delighted the reflections and meditations are speaking to you. The Jesus Prayer is ancient and reliable; just say when you think of it. I use it a lot when I drive. – Marjorie


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